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At The Transcript, we read dozens of earnings call transcripts each week and take note of interesting and important quotes from management about the economy and industry trends. The best and most important quotes are compiled in The Transcript, our weekly newsletter.

We tell the story of the economy through quotes from top business leaders.

The Transcript is written by @Skrisiloff and @ekmokaya

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Earnings call transcripts are central to our investment process. We believe that earnings calls are a rich repository of market-moving data about public companies. We mine transcripts for valuable insights and share those insights with our readers. 

The weekly newsletter and our regular podcast are our main communication tools with our subscribers. Contact us at admin@theweeklytranscript.com

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Weekly Quotes from Earnings Calls


The Transcript 

We tell the story of the economy using key quotes from business leaders.

Erick Mokaya