Apr 26 • 13M

Netflix Vs HBO

Episode 56

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Welcome to The Transcript Podcast where we highlight and discuss key thoughts, ideas, and themes we picked from our reading of transcripts from earnings calls.
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Welcome to Episode 56 of The Transcript Podcast

Episode Summary:

In this episode, the Fed's tightening trajectory amidst talk of a recession, the slowdown in venture capital investments, IPOs, and later-stage private investments in Q1, and Netflix's move to offer ad-based tiers.


The episode is based on yesterday's newsletter which is available on Substack.

The Transcript
Marching Towards Neutral
Succinct Summary: Inflation pressures continue to persist and aren’t showing signs of relief. The Fed is getting more aggressive and signaled that it plans to raise rates by 50 bps at a time. However, the Fed seems to have a zero-tolerance policy for recession and so they are still relatively dovish in tone even despite hawkish actions. As a result, desp…
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Show Notes

00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:00 The Fed’s stance is still incredibly dovish

00:03:39 VC investment, IPO, later-stage investments slowed down

00:05:35 Ad-based tiers could be coming to Netflix

00:10:27 Housing market at an inflection point

00:12:11 Twitter goes private

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